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For people who plan their own vacations

If you never want to work with a travel agent again

If you want to be in full control of your activities, stops, hotels and time

If you want to save $$ by booking flights, hotels, cars directly

You can plan your own vacations! Learn how!

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Learn how to plan your own vacation. Just follow these steps to your perfect trip!

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Travel Itinerary

Orka Travel has grown over time to become a well-renowned one-stop shop for travel itineraries. From urban vacations in cosmopolite Mexico City to week-long hikes in wild Patagonia or weekend getaways to Panama - we help you plan your dream vacation by creating a personalized travel itinerary inspired by the founder's travels and optimized to meet your highest standards.

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Customized Itinerary

At Orka Travel we know how hard it can be to find the right travel itinerary for your specific needs. You will fill out a survey explaining your needs and desires and we will create a personalized travel itinerary just for you. This service is one of our best offerings and helped us earn a reputation for performance and excellence. Take advantage of this service today.

Live Consultation

At Orka Travel we believe in connecting closely with our customers. This service is designed to meet the needs of all of our customers, and help them find the inspiration they’re looking for. Schedule a call with us to discuss your travel needs in detail.

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Young Couple

We're a young couple who love to travel. We've been to many places together and we like to fully immerse into the local culture, food, traditions. Orka Travel listened to our preferences and provided a full itinerary filled with exciting places for us to explore. We loved our Brazilian vacay!

Frankie Bolder - Boise, ID

Smiling Young Man

I'm an avid photographer and the extent of my travel planning is picking a location. I love exploring new places. Orka travel sent me a bunch of activities and sightseeing ideas. I felt like a kid going on a treasure hunt. Loved it and will plan my next trip with them!

Quinn Davis - New Zealand

Senior Couple

Orka Travel helped my wife and I plan our vacation to Puerto Rico. We love the Caribbeans and have travelled there extensively. We received an itinerary that incorporated our preferred activities like hiking, sightseeing and good restaurants. Highly recommend this service! 

John Williams - Tampa, FL

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